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Dua for Shohar or Husband- Wazifa For Your Miya or Pati

dua for husband

Dua For Shohar or Husband

Dua For ShoharAll a girl needs is a loving and caring husband. Her husband is her world after marriage and she has a lot of expectations. And, if the expectations of the girl aren’t fulfilled, then it shatters her completely. Well, if you are going to be married and you wish that your husband should be the best person in the world, then you should definitely recite the dua for shohar. The dua for husband will help you get a loving and caring husband who shall be loyal to you and will prove to be the best husband for you all your life.

Even if you’re married and you haven’t seen the best side of your husband and you want your husband to show more affection and care towards you, then wazifa for miya. The wazifa will help you win the attention, affection and care of your husband. He will be very nice to you. He will understand you and love you from the core of his heart. You will have all your wishes fulfilled of getting a loving and admirable husband. Recite the wazifa and see how it changes the heart of your husband. Your husband will be a completely different man.

Wazifa For Miya or Pati

Girls dream of a good husband who is pious, understanding, and affectionate and knows how to respect his wife. If you really want your marriage to be happy and successful, then you should definitely recite the wazifa for pati. When you recite this wazifa, you will start getting proposals of men and boys of your choice. They will be purely compatible with you in every way. You can choose the one you like and be happily married. The wazifa is very powerful and generate desired results in a short span of time.

If your husband doesn’t care about you and doesn’t give you much time, then you should surely recite the dua for miya. The dua for husband will help you get complete loyalty, attention and care of your husband. He will not shower all his love on you but will respect you in front of everyone. You can easily enquire about the dua from an Islamic astrologer. With the help of specialist, you can easily perform the dua in the required manner. Do not be scared, share everything you want, all your details will be hidden.

Dua For Miya or Husband

The procedure to recite dua for husband or miya is given below -

Dua For Miya

  • Take 7 cinnamons
  • Recite the last three verses of Surah Hashr 21 times on each of the cinnamon sticks.
  • Keep them in your mouth while you’re sleeping.
  • Next day give them to your husband by mixing it in some drink or food item.
  • You will see that your husband will change.
  • In Sha Allah, you will get desired results.

In case, the amal doesn’t work for you, then you can seek customized help from the astrologer. They will guide in the best possible manner and help you attain desirable results. Have faith in them and speak your heart out. In Sha Allah, Allah Talah will help you!

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