Wazifa, Amal and Dua for Bad Tempered Husband

Wazifa, Amal and Dua for Bad Tempered Husband
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Dua For Bad Tempered Husband

Dua for Bad Tempered Husband

All husbands aren’t cool tempered and patient. Some husbands have a rash and aggressive behavior towards their wives. It is quite heart wrenching to see husbands beating their wives and insulting them in front of everyone. If your husband has bad temper issues and he cannot control his anger, then you should try to control it on his behalf. You should recite the dua for bad tempered husband and you will notice that the aggressive behavior of your husband will change. This dua will cast a deep effect on your husband and he will become a changed man.

Wazifa for Bad Tempered Husband

If your husband is disrespectful towards you and doesn’t give you respect in private or in front of others, then you are literally suffering at his hands. You shouldn’t do this wrong to yourself. Rather you should recite the wazifa for bad tempered husband and get rid of the short temper and rude behavior of your husband. With the help of the wazifa, the heart of your husband will transform and he will no longer feel angry towards things. He will have a different perspective towards different matters and things will be better for you too.

Wazifa for Bad Tempered HusbandIn order to make your husband a better person and to heal this habit of his, the amal for bad tempered husband is just the right remedy. The amal will make your marital life healthier. It will eradicate all the bad habits of your husband and you both will be deeply in love once again. He will never raise his hand on you and there will be no tension in the house.

Amal For Bad Tempered Husband

Often the husbands who are short tempered raise their hands on their wives. They get angry on small mistakes of their wives and they literally beat them mercilessly. If you’re suffering with such an issue and you have literally had enough of it, then you should surely seek help of an Islamic expert. Explain the complete matter to the astrologer and they will give you guidance of getting rid of this habit of your husband. Follow the amal as directed by them and you will see that in a short span of time, your husband will be a new person. He will give up on all his bad habits and become a calm and patient person.

How To Perform Dua For Bad Tempered Husband

The procedure of dua for bad tempered husband is mentioned as follows:

  • Perform this amal on Sunday after the namaz of Magrib.
  • Get some fresh rose petals
  • Recite this dua 7 times and blow it on the roses.
  • Allahumma Tahesa Alaiiya Absara Zalimatihi Walmuridina Bissui Wa An Tasrif Kulubuhum An Sharri Ma Yazimerunahu Ila Khaira La Yamlakahu Gairaka
  • You have to perform this amal for three continuous eve.
  • Keep the roses below his pillow all three nights.
  • Remember that this amal can only be done by a wife for her husband.
  • In Sha Allah your husband will become cool and kind. He will love you and care for you.

In case you do not see any change in your husband in 3 days, then speak to the astrologer Molvi Hazrat Muhammad Ali Ji instantly.


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