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Dua To Make Husband Love Me -Dua for Husband Wife Love in Quran

Islamic Dua To Make My Husband Love Me Back

Islamic Dua for Husband Love in Quran

Islamic Dua for Husband LoveHusband is the most important person in the life of a woman. Every woman wants to have loving and caring partner. Every girl, after understanding the concept of two people getting married through nikah for the rest of their lives, starts planning and imagining what their life will be in the coming years. What type of partner will they get? Will they be loyal to them? Will they love them as they haven’t loved anyone in their lives? These questions wander in the minds of every girl before marriage.

So, if you have a loving, caring partner who is loyal to you and treats you with respect, then you are really lucky as there are hundreds of thousands of women, who are suffering with numerous problems in their marriages. Some have partners who don’t work at all, some of them smoke, drink & do drugs, while some are not healthy enough to earn and support their families, some men don’t respect and love their wives enough, they are disloyal and some even beat them and many other issues.

Islamic Dua To Make My Husband Love Me Back

If you’re man is a good husband then you must recite the Dua for husband love in Quran everyday and also, perform two extra rakkat of Nafil after namaz Esha as the shukkarana namaz for getting such an amazing life partner. The Dua for husband love in Quran will not only increase your husband’s love for you but also protect it from bad eyes of the people and evil strategies of Shaitan.dua for husband to love his wife

The women who suffer with numerous problems in their relationships and marriages must make a habit of reciting the dua for husband love his wife every day without fail. If your husband doesn’t consider you as an important and smart person, then the strong and powerful dua for husband love his wife will help you in gaining your husband’s trust and love. He will consider your opinions in every matter of importance.

Dua For Husband To Love His Wife in Urdu

dua to get husband love backIf you think, your husband is keeping secrets from you or hiding something from you or is disloyal with you then the dua for husband love to wife is the best weapon for you, under such circumstances. With the help of dua for husband love to wife, your lover will start sharing all his secrets with you, which will make you his best companion. He will only love you and never even consider going to another woman. Hence, this strong dua from Quran will increase the husband’s love as well as loyalty for the wife, if performed perfectly.

Yes, it is very important to perform the dua and amals in the best manner possible. These matters are extremely sensitive and a little mistake can increase your troubles, as well. Hence, it is important to find the best Islamic astrologer who has complete knowledge about the dua mentioned in Quran for love between husband and wife. You can talk to an Islamic astrologer, freely. Tell him about your troubles and ask for the best dua to make husband love me. Only an Islamic guru can understand your needs for the “dua to make husband love me (you)”.

If you are missing the lost attention and care of your husband, then dua to get husband love back can help you the best.

A strong and powerful dua to get husband love back is -

                أر رحيم تقدم بركاتك على لي ومساعدتي في الحصول على ما أريد

Ar Rahim Taqadam Birakkatik Ealaa li Wamusaeadati fi Alhusul Ealaa ma 'Urid

Recite it every day at least 40 times after namaz-e-esha but it is better to consult with our Islamic molvi ji and discuss your troubles, in order to get effective and instant solutions.

3 thoughts on “Dua To Make Husband Love Me -Dua for Husband Wife Love in Quran

  1. Asak.
    Please tell me how my husband can love me. Since he got married to me he was not interested in me. I asked him few times when you don't need a woman for anything why you got married. He's away with his friends or girlfriends or if home after work he watches TV till he fall asleep.
    Please suggests some duas

    1. Every evening repeat this dua:

      Narrated Anas bin Malik (may Allah be pleased with him)
      The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to say, “O Allah! I seek refuge with You from helplessness, laziness, cowardice and feeble old age; I seek refuge with You from afflictions of life and death and seek refuge with You from the punishment in the grave.” Sahih al-Bukhari

  2. My husband has no physical relation since 2 years and sleeps in a separate room. He doesn't give me a single penny and asked me to bear my own expenses and is asking me to pay for rent and food expenses. He earns a very handsome amount but still fights with me for money and threatens to divorce every other day. He never talks to me not is concerned about my health or how I feel. Please advise me.

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