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Amal, Wazifa and Dua For Wife or Biwi

amal for biwi
Amal, Wazifa and Dua For Wife or Biwi
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Dua For Wife

Dua For WifeA good wife makes a good home and every husband in the world wants a pious, obedient, loving and caring wife for himself. If boys aren’t married, they dream of such a biwi who could be their biggest support. A wife is a better half of her husband and thus needs to be very good both in nature and doings. If you’re looking for a good and beautiful wife and want to get settled and get good proposals of girls, then you should recite the dua for wife. The dua will help you get a good wife for yourself and spend a peaceful life ahead.

For those who aren’t married, they should recite the wazifa for wife to get a loving and caring wife. With the help of the wazifa, you will get a partner with 100% compatibility. She will always be there for you and love you with all her heart. Once you commence reciting the wazifa, you will start getting proposals of good girls. The wazifa will not just help you before your marriage, but also after the marriage. it is very effective and will give you complete satisfaction from your partner’s side.

Amal For Biwi

For those men who are married and want their wife to love them more and prove to be the best for her husband, they can perform the amal for biwi. The amal is the perfect remedy to make your wife obedient. She will listen to you, be in your control and do everything you want her to do. She will never go against your will and will be a great companion. You can get access to the amal by getting in contact with an Islamic astrologer. The specialist will help you get the correct dua for your purpose. They will guide all through the procedure till Allah (Swt) bestows you with what you desire.

Getting a good wife is a great fate. However, if you do not have such a great wife by your side, then you can always transform their nature and heart with the wazifa for gharwali. The wazifa is the best solution to make your wife a better person without any argument or fights. If your wife fights a lot and doesn’t understand you, then do not lose hope. Recite the wazifa and you will see a change in her very soon.

Wazifa For Wife or Gharwali

The procedure for wazifa for wife is given below -

Wazifa For Wife

  • Before beginning this wazifa, you have to recite as much as Durood Shareef as you can for 3 days.
  • Make Fatiha of Mohammad (SAW) (pbuh), family and good people and distribute it amongst the poor and needy, and then begin the amal.
  • Recite these verses 11 times after the obligatory prayer of the morning and evening.
  • “Yuhib bunahum Kahubba Allahi Wallazeena Amanu Ashaddu Hubban Lillahi”
  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times before and after the dua.
  • Pray to Allah (Swt) to make your biwi good
  • The unmarried guys can pray to get a good wife.
  • In Sha Allah, you will definitely be successful in your motive.

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