Best Dua And Wazifa For Childless Couple

Dua For Childless Couple

Parenthood is the best feeling of the world. Every married couple wants to experience it as soon as possible. However, not all couples are lucky enough to experience this beautiful feeling in their lives. While a lot of couples become parents after marriage, some remain childless for a number of years. This is really heart wrenching. Not being able to become parents in life is the worst thing that can happen to a couple. However, when you have firm faith in Allah (swt), then there is hope everywhere. You should recite the dua for childless couple and very soon you will experience parenthood.

Best Dua For Childless Couple

Dua For Childless Couple

Not being able to conceive a baby is the most heart wrenching thing for a woman. If you have endeavored your best, but you still cannot do it then do not lose heart. If you have undergone a lot of tests and procedures to conceive a baby, but still failed, then do not be disappointed. You have solution for your any and every problem in Islam. The best dua for childless couple will help you conceive your baby as soon as possible. You will see that the dua is very effective and will render instant results.

Childless Couple Wazifa

If you and your husbands have undergone all the treatment and tests for your baby but still remain childless till now, then do not lose heart. There is still hope for you. You just have to recite the childless couple wazifa and you will that all the treatment will start showing result and very soon you will be a proud parent. Do not be worried. The wazifa will give you desired results in the shortest span of time.

Wazifa For Childless Couple

Wazifa For Childless CoupleIf after so many years you still feel that you miss a baby in your life and you again wish to give it a try, and then begin with the wazifa for childless couple. The wazifa is of great help for all those childless couples who wish to have a baby. Do not hesitate. You should instantly speak about it with an astrologer. And, yes all your details will be kept private. The astrologer will guide you the complete procedure of having a baby and very soon you will experience this happiness in your life.

Best Dua For Childless Couple

The procedure of best dua for childless couple is given below:

  • The amal can be performed by the husband, wife or any other person related to them.
  • Make fresh ablution.
  • Sit on the prayer mat.
  • Recite the Ayat #17 of Surah Al-Maidah “WaLillahi Mulku As-Samāwāti Wa Al-‘Arđi Wa MāBaynahumā ۚYkhluqu Mā Yashā‘uWa ۚ Allāhu `AláKulliShay’in Qadīrun”
  • Recite it with Bismillah Hir Rehmanir Raheem every time.
  • Blow it on a sweet dish
  • Make the husband and wife eat it half - half.
  • Perform it for 41 days continuously (except for the 7 days in female case)
  • In sha Allah, you will get the good news very soon.

In case, you are in a hurry, then speak to the astrologer instantly about it. They will guide you with an instant remedy for your purpose.

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